book coverReleased on 28th March 2013, Intelligent Policing explains how the systems approach can improve police service delivery, enhance efficiency and build a stronger organisational ethos that focuses on doing the right thing.

In it, I cover the following:

– Basic systems principles and how they apply to policing.

– How straightforward methods can transform performance measurement, elicit an evidence base for action, prevent knee-jerk reponses, and ultimately enhance performance.

– Why conventional management practices often work against organisational aims.

– How to reduce waste, refocus activity on what matters, and generate an innovative organisational climate.

– Why a trust-based culture leads to a stronger oganisation and more productive workers.

Drawing support from a blend of practitioners, academics and systems thinkers, Intelligent Policing sets out to spark debate and invoke action to transform policing for the 21st Century. Below are excerpts of reviews:

“This book could be game changing for the police service”.

Irene Curtis, President of the Police Superintendents Association of England and Wales

“Simon should be seen as a pioneer and thought leader”.

John Seddon, Managing Director, Vanguard

“Written in an accessible and engaging style this book will provoke as well as inspire its readers”.

P. A .J. Waddington, Professor of Social Policy, University of Wolverhampton

“This book distils and makes accessible Simon’s acumen, expertise, empathy and mass of experience and conveys it humorously and articulately”.

Dr. Mark Johnson, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

“Simon Guilfoyle’s book is the ultimate antidote to the tick-box culture that has spread through our public services like a computer virus in recent decades”.

Dr Adrian Campbell, School of Government and Society, University of Birmingham

“Simon Guilfoyle’s Intelligent Policing will rightly attract the attention of police leaders and the policed public throughout the country”.

Simon Caulkin, Management writer and commentator

“In this comprehensive book, Guilfoyle offers a compelling alternative that will be welcomed by officers and public alike”.

Hazel J Cannon, Director of The Deming Forum

“This book tears the faltering heart out of the way things have always been done and replaces it with a super-sleek, ultra refined approach”.

Minimum Cover – The Police Officer Blog

The lessons from Intelligent Policing are drawn from my own police-based research and experience, but are equally applicable to other sectors. At a time when the adverse effects of conventional management practice (such as target-driven performance management and league tables) feature regularly in the news, I sense a real desire to do something different. Make it happen.

Your copy can be ordered directly from the publishers, Triarchy Press, here. If you enter the promotional code inspguilfoyle you will get an extra 10% off the already-reduced introductory price.

You can also see a free preview of Chapter 6 ‘Targets and Their Unintended Consequences’ here.

For more information, see the ‘blurb’ on the back cover…

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As ever, I welcome comments and debate. Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #intelligentpolicing or please feel free to leave your comments below. Alternatively, drop me a line at me@simonguilfoyle.com

Simon Guilfoyle

March, 2013

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  8. brilloman says:

    I’ve just read the best BBC news headline ever;
    “Maths ‘average’ at half of schools”

    I fell off my chair. I had to share it.

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