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4 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Alison Heather says:

    Hey! Had to comment on equally wrong. Great post by the way. But I remember innocently asking as a recruiting manager “surely isn’t the purpose to hire the right person for the job?”, and being told by hr, yes, but you need to hit your equality targets… Seriously,!

  2. Robert Royce says:

    Excellent summary. Applies universally. Author could have been working in NHS or indeed any public service one suspects.

  3. Ian says:

    Your increase in blog traffic is coincident in time with a link to this site being posted on a internal forum for lean practitioners who work in a large govt dept. Not that that means anything necessarily!

  4. dictadicit says:

    Hi Simon,

    thought you’d like that article I found today – it’s different than your take on average & distribution, but even so supports your main thesis:


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