“It’s Complicated…”

I was going to write this blog post a few days ago…then I wasn’t…then I was…then I wasn’t. Then, after the agency featured in the diagram tipped me over the edge today, I did.

So here it is…

Its complicated diagram

(Please note: the black splodge next to “Press 1 for this…Press 2 for that…” is meant to be a telephone. Yes, I know it’s rubbish).

This post is dedicated to anyone who has ever tried to navigate their way through this sort of complete nonsense. I can’t even be bothered to repeat myself about designing the system to meet the needs of the service user, failure demand, rigid policies, menu-driven call centres, waste, and all the rest of it. Ooops, I just did. Oh well.

Anyway, the point is probably something about it being complicated when it doesn’t need to be.

About InspGuilfoyle

I am a serving Police Inspector and systems thinker. I am passionate about doing the right thing in policing. I dislike numerical targets and unnecessary bureaucracy.
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11 Responses to “It’s Complicated…”

  1. Narwichboy says:

    HMRC by any chance?!

  2. Yes, it must be the HMRC self assessment website! I helped a friend through the minefield, she was totally and utterly bewildered by it.

    • Busted! Does everyone know they’re this bad? It must be obvious. If so, they must know too. Dear HMRC, please sort yourselves out. From Simon.

      • ThinkPurpose says:

        AND YET they have been through a rigorous lean programme.
        Hmm, perhaps it is BECAUSE they went through a rigorous lean programme?
        I was speaking with someone recently who was showing me a load of stuff on a wall that was the beginnings of mapping work in their area.
        A small snip of dialogue revealed something, they thought they just needed to “reduce hand-offs”, “move teams togther” and “tighten things up” and then everything would work much better. Oh, and loads of workflow embedded in IT systems to hardwire failure into everything. No mention of customer purpose at all, just tinkering with things.
        If you dont look at purpose and have that as your number one guiding star you end up with the sort of mess you draw above. When purpose goes, then anything goes, when anything goes, then ANYTHING goes.

  3. Dave Hasney says:

    Dear HMRC
    Sir your service is Sh1t… Sort it out FFS!
    Yours sincerely
    A Grumpy ‘Customer’

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  5. me says:

    ha ha ha the drawing along had me in stitches and yes on this occasion it was obvious right away that that was a telephone handset. There is no need to say anything further except maybe, that we have all been there, and can’t they be more illogical? Time wasters!!

  6. me says:

    sorry should have read..’the drawing alone….’ not along. oops

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