One Thing Leads To Another

Being as I know you love my artwork, I thought I’d treat you to this pictorial representation of a particularly nasty little cycle that is behind a lot of serious organisational failures.

Look at the sort of stuff that starts it off.

Look at the totally predictable consequences.

Look at how typical reactions are guaranteed to perpetuate the cycle.

failings chart

You choose a serious organisational failure and see how the diagram relates to it.

Tackling the real deep-seated issues requires a different type of management thinking. It also requires a will to address the underlying system conditions that exacerbate human error to such a degree that serious organisational failures ensue. ‘More of the same’ is not the solution. Tackle the cause, not the symptoms!

Come on someone – break the cycle!

Short post, this time. It’s all about the prize-winning pen strokes.

For more on error causation theory read this.

For the Pet Shop Boys track whose title I borrowed for this blog post, click here.


About InspGuilfoyle

I am a serving Police Inspector and systems thinker. I am passionate about doing the right thing in policing. I dislike numerical targets and unnecessary bureaucracy.
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12 Responses to One Thing Leads To Another

  1. Short and very sweet, as ever I am your loyal servant Sir.

  2. jmraventos says:

    Really a meaningful and nice artwork !!!

  3. Dave Hasney says:

    It should be easy to break the cycle but no one has the will or balls to do it… Until blame culture is changed self-preservation will always abound, sadly!

  4. The closest we got to league tables in my day was getting a better set of crims off the street this month over last months night duty week

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  6. Charles Beauregard says:

    Nice artwork! I also like this systems diagram about why people assume incorrectly that performance related pay works:

  7. Richa says:

    Loved it and I can totally relate to it !

  8. Dear Simon,

    I was impressed by your clear-headed system based approach diagram to organisational dysfunction that captured many of the issues that have beset the Probation Service, mired as It was during my 20 years at the front line in a toxic managerialist target obsessed mentality pounded silly by incessant political interference….look forward to reading more soon… by the way are we in anyway related?


    Mike Guilfoyle

  9. Blue Eyes says:

    Can you please send this to the Met Commissioner?

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