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I am a serving Police Inspector and systems thinker. I am passionate about doing the right thing in policing. I have a big problem with numerical targets, unnecessary bureaucracy, and anything else that stops police officers from providing the best possible service. I believe that by adopting a systems approach, policing can be transformed beyond the wildest expectations of many.

A Better Way

One day during the school holidays, Stick Child’s daddy took him to an outdoor adventure park, where people climb through the trees using various ropes, nets, rickety bridges, zip wires and other things. Stick Child’s daddy thought he’d be pretty … Continue reading

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If you use this… “Total recorded crime this month (2,325 offences) shows an increase of 64 offences compared to last month (+2.8%), and an increase of 97 offences compared to the same period last year (+4.4%). The year-to-date figure is … Continue reading

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Face the Facts

We like actual evidence, don’t we? Then don’t be like the guy on the right!

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Three Different Things

I almost called this blog post ‘Spot the Difference 2′ because it follows on from this old post. The reason for revisiting the arguments in that blog is because since the advent of our little friend Stick Child, the need … Continue reading

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Remember all that recent Incontrovertible Evidence suggesting targets cause dysfunctional behaviour in policing? (Yes, I can feel your shock and surprise). Well, the warnings that the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) issued were akin to your local friendly gas engineer putting one of these on … Continue reading

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Why Binary Comparisons are Really Silly

Imagine having a rich resource of useful information at your fingertips, but then deliberately ignoring most of it for no logical reason whatsoever… No, I don’t understand either. Poster: Binary conversation

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Weak Excuses for Using Binary Comparisons

Due to the popularity of my last ‘poster’ blog, here’s another… You can download a pdf of the poster here: Weak excuses for using binary comparisons. Enjoy ;-)

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